Posted by: fonejacker | August 14, 2007

New fonejacker ringtones found.

We have finally found these ringtones from Fonejacker. Every time someone calls you or you have a text come through, have Terry Tibbs bellow out from your phone! “Talk to Me!” Very funny!

You can get pretty much all of the characters, Tibbs, Mike from IT, Mouse, Monies and the famous Doovde!

We love ’em! Keep it up chaps we we’ll be looking out for the next lot!






  1. ‘ang abaht. I waz surfing the web when I came across this site with all the fonejacker prank calls. Thank you and goodnight. Much luv.

  2. how do i get the ring tones

  3. I am simply surprised! I will take into account. Thanks for the author!

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