Posted by: fonejacker | July 19, 2007

Fonejacker text alerts!!! I think i found some!

Fonejacker ringtones… or txt alerts!! What would you like!?

Internet Providings


How much is your Doovde?


Terry Tibbs – Wooden ladders- Talk to me!


Monies. We need your bank account details…


I think i found some here

The brainchild of actor Kayvan Novak, Fonejacker first came about as a pilot for Channel Four’s Comedy Lab in 2005. Fonejacker adopts a series of recurring characters for his phone calls. There’s George Adgdgdwngo the African scam artist who attempts to get your bank details using increasingly unlikely hard luck stories. Then there’s Mr. Doovdé, a foreigner who has difficulty with acronyms, pronouncing them as complete words like Doovdé (DVD), and Ibrahiem Puck (IBM PC). Terry Tibbs is an Arthur Daley type second-hand car dealer who drives a hard and increasingly stupid bargain. The victims are ordinary members of the public being cold called, reception and counter staff. Excellent!


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