Posted by: fonejacker | August 14, 2007

New fonejacker ringtones found.

We have finally found these ringtones from Fonejacker. Every time someone calls you or you have a text come through, have Terry Tibbs bellow out from your phone! “Talk to Me!” Very funny!

You can get pretty much all of the characters, Tibbs, Mike from IT, Mouse, Monies and the famous Doovde!

We love ’em! Keep it up chaps we we’ll be looking out for the next lot!




Posted by: fonejacker | August 11, 2007

Fonejacker 2 Facebook.


Yes Facebook have a Fonejacker Appreciation Society if you’d like to join it. It has over 3,300 members and growing fast! Join in discussions like whos your fave character and whats the best clip!All good fun!

Keep it up lads!

We love it!

Posted by: fonejacker | August 11, 2007

Fonejacker and Phonesherpa…

“Talk to Me!”

So Phonesherpa have taken all of the best characters of Fonejacker and turned them into text tones or ring-tones? Good on them we say! I just love it when I’m standing in the post office and i receive a text via the voice of Terry Tibbs! “Talk to Me!” Make me chuckle every-time! Haha!

Bring it on!

Here for your enjoyment!

Great idea!

Keep it up chaps!

We will be looking out for the next lot!

Posted by: fonejacker | August 11, 2007

Fonejacker Ringtones Found!!!!

Not sure how long these will be here for! So grab them while you can!!

Find them HERE

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Im Mike calling from IT solutions .com

Yes its here! The new….”My names Mike im calling from ….I.T.” Very very funny!

You can pick up the new TXT tone or Ring tone from HERE. Please enjoy!

Posted by: fonejacker | August 9, 2007

Facebook & Fonejacker!

There are now over 3200 members on the official Fonejacker Appreciation Facebook page. And this is still growing! Most of them are enjoying the txt tones and ring-tones put together by this man. We say genius! Thanks!


What a great episode tonight!! Im sure the pone calls are becoming more explicit! Terry Tibbs just cant stop saying the “F” word and we dont want this to change! Hilarious!


Enjoy txt tones here.

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Facebook-Fonejacker Free downloads from the site!?

Well this is new! Now you can get free downloads from the official fonejacker site!

Or you can get the standard txt alert downloads for your phone here.

We are still waiting for a response from the fonejacker team!

Watch this space!

Posted by: fonejacker | August 7, 2007

Fonejacker tonight! And AMY on BB!!!??

We have searched and searched, but we have finally found the fonejacker txt alerts!!!


Please enjoy!!!


Posted by: fonejacker | August 6, 2007

Woohoo the Witch is dead!

No more charley!! hahaha!!

We have found some great FONEJACKER txt alerts or ringtones here!!!!

 The only ones on the net!!


Posted by: fonejacker | July 23, 2007

Found Ring tones/ text alerts!!!

CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!

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simply called the Fonejacker…

The show follows a fictional man simply called the Fonejacker, played by actor Kayvan Novak, who is a masked prank caller who calls unsuspecting members of the public as various characters, accompanied by on-screen animations, consisting of pictures of people with their mouths moving, in a similar style to Monty Python animations. Others are accompanied by undercover filming in which the Fonejacker is in a street calling a company nearby. He is always seen wearing a red and white balaclava (black in the Pilot) and sunglasses.

Whilst Kayvan Novak’s appearance is not seen as the Fonejacker, he appears during Mr. Doovdé’s calls as a model advertising various items including DVD players and for dfs.

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Fonejacker Ringtones

I think i found some here

Posted by: fonejacker | July 19, 2007

Fonejacker text alerts!!! I think i found some!

Fonejacker ringtones… or txt alerts!! What would you like!?

Internet Providings


How much is your Doovde?


Terry Tibbs – Wooden ladders- Talk to me!


Monies. We need your bank account details…


I think i found some here

The brainchild of actor Kayvan Novak, Fonejacker first came about as a pilot for Channel Four’s Comedy Lab in 2005. Fonejacker adopts a series of recurring characters for his phone calls. There’s George Adgdgdwngo the African scam artist who attempts to get your bank details using increasingly unlikely hard luck stories. Then there’s Mr. Doovdé, a foreigner who has difficulty with acronyms, pronouncing them as complete words like Doovdé (DVD), and Ibrahiem Puck (IBM PC). Terry Tibbs is an Arthur Daley type second-hand car dealer who drives a hard and increasingly stupid bargain. The victims are ordinary members of the public being cold called, reception and counter staff. Excellent!